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Students have periodically asked if hackers have ever been able to turn on a device's camera or microphone without the owner knowing it. The answer is yes. Read this caution put out by SonicWall Security on March 6, 2018 about a "Trojanized Android Ahmyth RAT" that spreads via legitimate apps:
SonicWall Capture Labs Threats Research team observed an Android Remote Administration Tool (RAT) named Ahmyth which is being trojanized into other Android apps and is getting distributed in the wild. Upon infecting an Android device this RAT can send sensitive information present on the device like SMS and call logs as well as perform functions like taking a picture, sending a text message or record audio via the microphone.


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Do you think it is science fiction for a company to implant computer chips INTO a worker so they can monitor them? Think again.... More companies are using technology to monitor employees, sparking privacy concerns
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What do we know now about 143 World Politicians and the World's "Elite" people we didn't know before?
Understanding the "Panama Papers"

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