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© 2006 by Primary Source, Inc. Published by Cheng & Tsui Company, Inc.

For additional copyright and credit information for some materials included on this CD-ROM, see the credit lines provided with individual items.

This CD-ROM accompanies the book
The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China:
Primary Source Lessons for Teachers and Students
ISBN-13: 978-0-88727-508-1
ISBN: 0-88727-508-7

The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China is the first in a two-volume set, the second of which covers modern China. Please contact marketing@cheng-tsui.com to find out more.

Primary Source dedicates The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China to Drs. Anne and John Watt in recognition of the enduring legacy of their work in strengthening teaching about China so that American citizens can better understand Chinese history and culture.

The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China is made possible through the generosity of the Freeman Foundation and the many individuals who contribute to the work of Primary Source.

Primary Source is a non-profit educational organization that promotes history and humanities education by connecting educators to people and cultures throughout the world. In partnership with teachers, scholars, and the broader community, Primary Source provides learning opportunities and curriculum resources for K–12 educators. By introducing global content, Primary Source shapes the way teachers and students learn, so that their knowledge is deeper and their thinking is flexible and open to inquiry.

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© 2006 by Primary Source, Inc. Published by Cheng & Tsui Company, Inc.